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Gobierno de Navarra

NAVE2 project is coordinated by The Department for Education of the Government of Navarra (GFN) and is responsible for education provision in the Spanish region of Navarra, including the management of all public Primary, Secondary and Vocational Education.

Within the region there are 172 Public Primary Schools and 59 Public Secondary Schools, involving more than 3100 teachers that are attended by more than 67000 students.

GFN has a special section dedicated to the development & management of international projects in vocational training within 22 VET centres and over 7000 students. Every year 200 students have internships in European companies under the Erasmus+ initiative.

The Department for Education also works very closely with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Department of Commerce, Work and Industry & has an extensive network of some 1300 companies to provide VET graduates with access to the employment needs of the labour market.

The Gobierno De Navarra, Spain along with:

Logo Consorzio Istituti Professionali

Consorzio degli Istituti Professionali

In 1995 the Consorzio degli Istituti Professionali was formed to innovate, improve and promote the activities of Vocational & Technical secondary schools in 9 different regions in Italy.

The Consorzio exists as a single legal institution & seeks to improve & develop cooperation between the 50 associate VET schools for 14-19 year olds as well as other institutions involved in vocational training.

Participation in European projects, both as promoter or partner, has over the years developed a strong framework of expertise within the schools for successful project outcomes.

The consortium organises training programmes for the managers, administrators and teaching staff of its members & has developed projects to further the integration of students with disabilities and special needs.

Consorzio degli Istituti Professionali, Italy

Logo Roc Midden

ROC Midden Nederland

ROC Midden Nederland is one of the largest providers of vocational and adult education in the Netherlands. It is situated in the centre of the Netherlands with its main location being Utrecht and Amersfoort.

The college offers vocational education in over 300 different qualifications both full-time as well as apprenticeships, ranging from technical courses to social care and health care & over sports and beauty to administration and tourism.

It has a well developed internal structure to support both students and staff to learn and develop abroad with coordinators at department level and supported by a central international office.

ROC Midden Nederland, The Netherlands

Logo Sampo

Saimaa Vocational College Sampo

Saimaa Vocational College Sampo is a vocational institute offering vocational education and training and adult education flexibly and in an up-to-date learning environment.

Saimaa Vocational College Sampo is located in the south-eastern part of Finland in the cities of Lappeenranta, Imatra and Ruokolahti. This area is well known for being the leading pulp and paper manufacturing area in Finland.

At Sampo a vocational upper secondary qualification and a matriculation examination can be taken simultaneously as a dual qualification in all the fields of VET.

A three year qualification is offered in 7 fields of vocational education and training: Technology, Communication and Transport, Social Sciences, Business and Administration, Tourism, Catering and Domestic Services, Social Services Health and Sport, Culture, Natural Resources and the Environment, Natural Sciences.
Those with a vocational qualification are eligible to apply for a university degree.

Sampo promotes the values of customer orientation, renewing, accountability and community. The college has been active in Erasmus since the beginning of the new programme & is keen to promote European citizenship and social inclusion.

Saimaan ammattiopisto Sampo, Finland

Logo Kent McGill

kent + mcgill

kent + mcgill is a limited company providing consultancy in European education.

The consultancy specialises in providing research, strategic development, quality management and evaluation expertise in the field of further and higher education.

The consultancy has undertaken assignments for several Local Authorities and Further and Higher Education organisations in addition to working with individual colleges and training organisations, particularly on EC funded VET projects.

The company has two consultants and is able to call upon other associates to address the particular needs of commissioned projects. and assisted by Kent and Mcgill, UK

What is an International VET Partnership

VET schools and colleges mostly work with different partners in each project in which they participate. An international partnership will have been established by a group of organisations who have a common purpose, offer international opportunities to their students and staff, mutually benefit from working together and have developed common protocols and procedures.
Such a partnership aims to build in quality to international projects and mobilities by being more effective and efficient. Once established a partnership may invite other complementary partners to join or invite partners to participate in a particular project.

What will NAVE2 do with the partner dossiers and the materials

The dossiers and the materials will be tested and improved by the four partners in a range of student mobilities. Each partner will send students to the other three partners.
The project has purposefully decided that the participating students should be those students who would usually be at risk of dropping out from such work placements.
The mobilities should therefore provide a robust test of the materials and arrangements NAVE2 has developed. The project will then produce a manual to guide other VET organisations to form similar international partnerships.